Blade is a web developer, gaming enthusiast, ex-TKD athlete, animal lover all rolled into one. He has a knack for learning new things, both useful and unnecessary. He has learned how to reprogram mobile phones to escaping from  zip ties. He has starred in different TV commercials showcasing his skills in parkour/freerunning.

Misty is a six year journalism student, research and SEO associate, who enjoys movies with long conversations. She absolutely loves to lie in bed with her TV series and food —lots of food. She enjoys reading and sometimes, if the mood is right, she writes things she couldn’t say out loud.

Blade and Misty may sound alike in so many different aspects, but if you would look closely, you’ll see that there are tons of differences that makes them click. As two Capricorns constantly head to head on who’s better, join them as they discover how they are the best when they have each other.



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