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10 Cheap beauty hacks



Let’s face it, we have searched high and low on the internet for beauty hacks that would make our lives easier, only to find out that most items in those lists aren’t really things that you can find lying around in your household. So you go out and buy those ~necessary~ products and you end up spending more than actually saving money.

Most beauty hacks we find in websites like Buzzfeed, Pinterest, and even those we watch on beauty channels on Youtube cater to non-Filipino audience. Products featured in those articles are things you most commonly find in Western households.

I’m no beauty expert (trust me, I’m still trying to learn how to groom my brows properly), but I’ve discovered some tricks that actually work! (at least for me) So let’s get started:

beauty11. Sugar – Be it white or brown, organic or regular, it does not really matter. Mix sugar with a bit of oil and you got yourself something to use for skin exfoliation. Now get a table spoon of sugar, add a few drops of honey, a dash of cinnamon, apply it on your lips in a circular motion and voila, extra soft puckers! Fuller lips too!

2. Calamansi – Most Filipinas are obsessed about whitening products, most especially to products you can use in whitening your underarms, elbows, and knees. I’ve learned this trick from my late grandmother, and at first I thought it was ridiculous until I’ve actually tried it. Slice a calamansi in half and rub it on your armpit/elbow/knee. Leave it for two minutes and then go hit the shower. I did it at least once a week and I can say with much confidence that it’s very effective.


3. Baking soda – Many are aspiring to get those perfect pearly whites, but didn’t exactly have enough budget to attain them. Who knew that baking soda was the answer to their dilemma?  Add two heaping teaspoons of baking soda with a few drops of lemon (or calamansi, if you don’t have lemons lying around), mix it until it reaches a paste-like consistency, and brush your teeth with the mixture. Do this at least twice every week before you actually brush your teeth and you’re on your way to that sparkly, white teeth you’ve always wanted.

4. Baby powder – There are plenty of ways to maximize the use of baby powder , and one of them is using it to set your lipstick. After applying a generous coat of lipstick, cover your lips with tissue and dust same baby powder over it. This process will help your lipstick last longer.

Another use of baby powder is for eyelash extension. After applying the first coat of mascara, put some baby powder on the tips of your lashes and then apply another coat of mascara. Repeat this process until you’re happy with the length of your eyelashes. Talk about instant eyelash extensions!

The last baby powder trick is a bit unusual, I’ve learned this from a friend of mine in college. Whenever your hair comes out greasy, dust some baby powder on your scalp then brush your hair until no powder is visible, and you got yourself an inexpensive alternative to dry shampoo.



5. Dish-washing liquid  – I’ve looked up for ways on how to clean make up brushes only to get results asking me to buy make up removers and brush cleaners, which are totally expensive for daily use. Dish-washing liquids can help clean your brushes without drilling holes on your pocket. On a clean dish, pour some dish-washing liquid, add some olive oil so as not to dry the brush hair (if olive oil isn’t available, you can use coconut oil or baby oil), then sweep your brush over the mixture in a circular motion. You can instantly see all the dirt and make up that are being removed from your brush. Rinse your brush with running water and let it dry.


  • Use anti bacterial dish-washing liquid to help fight germs and bacteria trapped in your make up brush.
  • Dry your brush downwards, never side wards nor with the brush hair up. That way, water would drip down from your brush and would not sit on the brush handle to ruin the glue that puts the brush together.

6. Baby oil – Oil based make up removers are probably the most effective and skin-friendly way to remove make up. Unfortunately, oil based make up removers often come with a hefty price. Baby oil can be a cheaper alternative those kinds of removers. Pour some on a cotton pad, cover it on your eye, press, and hold for a few seconds. The oil melts away hard to remove make up like waterproof mascara and eyeliner.



7. Petroleum jelly – When you run out of lip balm, you can use petroleum jelly as an alternative. If you want new lip colors, melt a stick of your desired non toxic crayon together with a few scoops of petroleum jelly, and you have yourself a new lip color! If you have cracked heals from wearing those foxy stilettos to work, apply some petroleum jelly on your heals, put on some socks, then leave it over night. In the morning, you will be surprised how soft your feet have become.

8. Old beauty cream pots – Don’t just throw away those empty pots of beauty cream! After using up all those products, wash their containers and dry them properly. You can use these as travel containers for other creams, shampoo, or conditioner. If your favorite lipstick is almost running out that you can’t quite reach the product anymore, get a toothpick and scoop out the remaining product then transfer them to your empty beauty cream pots. This way, you can maximize the use of your make up product up to the last bit! (This could work for stick concealers too)


9. Coconut oil – Going out and getting a hot oil treatment every week could be very expensive. Instead of spending thousands of pesos on salon hot oil treatments, cover your hair with coconut oil and wrap it with a plastic bag or use a shower cap. Leave this for at least thirty minutes, rinse thoroughly and blow dry.

10. Cotton shirt – Using a towel to dry your hair could leave it dull. Instead, use a cotton shirt to squeeze out the excess water from your hair. Cotton shirts are far more absorbent than towels and using them would save your hair from the friction produced by rubbing the towel against your hair causing it to become dry and brittle.

There you have it, ten (or even more) beauty hacks you can do using everyday products you find at home. If you have any more suggestions and comments, let us know! We can even trade some tips and ticks! 🙂