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How to get your Postal ID



Having an identification card is very crucial especially if you are, like us, starting up with life like getting a new job or putting up a new savings account.

Just recently, Blade got hired for his first job ever. (yay!) Getting the job you wanted marks the start of being more responsible. Usually, your first task is to procure the very stressful pre-employment requirements. This may include an NBI clearance, a valid ID, your birth certificate, etc.

One of the easiest and fastest government issued ID that you can get here in the Philippines would be the postal ID, so Blade and I decided to get them for ourselves. Much to our disappointment when we went to our local post office and were told that we would be able to get it only after ten working days! Blade and I were kind of in a hurry because we wanted to finish all his requirements before the year ends. We’ve been told that January is not a good¬†time to work on your government requirements since most people do it during the first month of the year. Add to that the fact that almost everyone is busy doing their holiday shopping to bother themselves with government requirements, meaning there would be lesser people in line.

Philpost, the Philippines’ official posting service is now upgrading their information data base from the very old fashioned log books and laminated ID cards to plastic cards with encrypted QR codes and computerized information database. This is the reason why application for a postal ID will take you longer than expected, but since we really needed our ID’s on the day itself, we opted to have ours made using the old version.

However, not all Philpost outlets are offering this service. From what the nice lady from the Philpost office told us, only the FTI branch and the Quezon city branch are issuing the old version of the IDs. In addition, the old version would cost a bit more than the newer version.

Now what are the requirements for your postal ID?

  • NSO issued birth certificate or a Local Civil Registrar issued birth certificate.¬†
  • Barangay clearance which you could get from your local barangay office when you pass your cedula and a copy of your birth certificate. You could get your cedula from the city hall. Note that some barangays may ask for a charge or donation and some would also ask for a proof of residency (any bill with your current address in it) especially when you are getting your barangay certificate from a different area that is not written on your birth certificate. If you do not have one, you could present any valid ID to prove that you are residing in that barangay ( some barangays would prefer if you present them your voter’s ID registered to that barangay)
  • Two 2×2 photos with white background
  • For married women, you need to bring you marriage certificate to substantiate the change of name from your birth certificate.
  • A valid ID

Where can you get your postal ID?

You can get your Postal ID at any Philpost office. Usually, postal offices are located near city halls.

How much do I need for a postal ID?

Now this part would be a rough estimate since prices may vary depending on your area. If you will opt for the older version, you need to pay the office a good Php 450-475 and you can claim your ID within the day itself. If you are not in a hurry and can wait up to ten working days, you need to pay Php 315-375.

How long will it take for me to get my postal ID?

If you are getting the older version, you can claim your ID on the day that you filed you application, but if you are going to get the new version, it would take 7-10 working days before you could claim your ID.

What will happen if the newer version is fully implemented and I got the older version of the postal ID?

The older version will still be considered a valid ID even if the the newer version is already fully implemented, so as long as your postal ID hasn’t expired.

Other pointers:

  • As much as possible, go to your local post office early to avoid lines if there will will be any.
  • Bring an alcohol or a wet tissue since you will be asked for your thumb mark (for the older version)
  • The older version will not be issued any more by January 2015, so better have your IDs made before the year ends!